Torbreck Wine Experience


Personalised tutored tasting of 3 wines from the Torbreck Family conducted by Christopher Peck for £55 per person.

Torbreck Vintners was created with the aim of building one of the finest wine estates in the world. Our vision is to pay homage to the vineyards of the Barossa Valley, home to some of the oldest vines on the planet. Founded in 1994, Torbreck Vintners was established around a philosophy of gaining access to the most precious dry-grown, old vine Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro vineyards that encompass the Barossa. Due to the region’s isolation from the rest of the world, the Barossa was naturally unexposed to the Phylloxera vine disease pandemic that ravaged Nineteenth-Century Europe’s prime vineyard regions, meaning that we are still to this day growing and cultivating original, century-old un-grafted vineyards that are technically older than most “old world” vines…

Torbreck has a marvellously serendipitous link with Murrayshall: Torbreck’s oldest surviving vineyard site—the Hillside Vineyard—was first established in 1849 by the Springbett family in a Barossa township named Lyndoch. Although an unfortunate early misspelling omitted the ‘E’ from his name, the town is indeed named in honour of Thomas Graham, 1st Baron Lynedoch, the most famous member of the Graham-Murray family of Murrayshall and victor of the Battle of the Barrosa in the Napoleonic Wars. (Barrosa, too, was misspelled by Australian cartographers as the Barossa which it remains to this day.) A year after the establishment of what is now proudly Torbreck’s Lyndoch vineyard on the other side of the world, a memorial was erected to him here on Murrayshall Hill in 1850.

Whilst most of the European settlement of the Barossa was by Lutheran German and English (Cornish) pioneers, Torbreck itself is a Scottish name. The founder of Torbreck had worked as a woodcutter in an Inverness-shire forest of the same name whilst travelling in Europe as a young man before returning to Australia and establishing the winery as a namesake, and along with our ‘Woodcutter’s’ Semillon and Shiraz you will proudly find more than a passing nod to the Scots in our wine naming conventions.

Torbreck is now one of the world’s leading Australian boutique fine winemakers and has certainly achieved a lot in less than three decades. But the journey is a long way from complete: in fact, we remind ourselves every day that the best Barossa grapes are yet to be picked and the finest Torbreck wines are yet to be made.

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Subject to availability and minimum numbers of 2 guests.

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