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Burns Supper
Join us for Burns Night Supper on Friday 26th January, 2024
Pie Day – 28th December
Pie Day on Wed 28th December in Barossa Bar
£75 Resort Credit
Enjoy £75 credit for food & drink during your overnight stay.
Curry Night – 29th December
Curry Night - £25 for two people on Friday 29th December
Fishing on The Tay
Enjoy fishing on the River Tay with our special offer
Chill Out Break
Chill Out Break from £255 for two
Yoga Retreat Weekend
Book our Yoga Retreat Weekend
Burger Nights
3 Burger Nights in Cairns to take you through the Winter...
Special Delegate Offer
Daily Delegate Rate from £45
24-hour Delegate Rate from £240
Hogmanay Stay
Enjoy our 2-night Hogmanay package


Escape the ordinary and leave behind the stress. It’s time for your retreat, an unparalleled experience where you can feel invigorated and energised.