Environment Policy

Local activities with a global perspective

Murrayshall Country House Hotel and Golf Club recognises its position in the local Perthshire community and its role in the wider global environment. The management team is committed to complying with all UK environmental legislation and endeavours to achieve recognised “best practice” related to the management, operation and activity of the Hotel.

We believe that as a business we have a responsibility not only to minimize our impact but also to make environmental policy a key and integral part of our business strategy. For us this translates in to a number of different areas of activity:

Everyone at Murrayshall is aware of our environmental policies in regards to recycling and working with the local community.

  • On an immediate level we are committed to day to day policy which will minimise our environmental impact. Examples would be that we recycle glass, tin and cardboard and that we use energy saving bulbs and recycled paper wherever possible. We encourage visitors to minimise the environmental impact of their stay whilst at Murrayshall.
  • In the medium term we are implementing strategies which we see as over and above the basic day to day policies. We try whenever possible to source our restaurant food locally and try to use local supplier companies for other services whenever possible.
  • We actively support a number of local and national charities with fund raising activities and use of our facilities.
  • All members of the management team are encouraged to improve the environmental impact of their activities and those of their team. Our environmental policy is an integral part of our induction and training programmes.
  • We actively try to minimize the amount of non-recyclable waste produced by the hotel and staff members.
  • We endeavor to limit noise pollution at all times of day.
  • Where possible we will inform our visitors about the differences they can make by saving energy and water during their stay.
  • We encourage our staff to be aware of their environmental impact whenever possible in relation to business travel and travelling to and from work.

We regularly review our environmental policy and the ways in which it continues to be implemented – rather than a passive document, our policy is a way of working and living in our local environment, with an eye to the wider consequences of our actions.



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