Murrayshall Pursuits

For the relaxation-seekers and nature-lovers alike, you’ll find everything you need at Murrayshall. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll in the countryside, a tranquil spot to fish in the River Tay, or a place to go paddleboarding, we can offer you a wide selection of outdoors pursuits. Please reserve your activities before arriving. You can make reservations directly with our team by calling
01738 55 11 71 or emailing pursuits@murrayshall.co.uk
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Murrayshall Walks
Our team has put together two walking routes that give you the opportunity to get out into the great outdoors and experience the magnificent views, local flora and wildlife at your leisure.
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Paddle Boarding
Experience the city of Perth from an alternative view. As you embark on your adventure, our guides will take you upstream away from the countryside and into the heart of the city.
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Kayak Tour
River kayaking is an experience like no other. From the water, you’ll be able to watch the world go by as you glide past it.
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River Tay Fishing
Discover the peace and tranquillity of the famous Cargill Beat with a day spent salmon fishing on the River Tay.
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Guided Walks
Perthshire is famous for its tree-lined landscape and hilly terrain. As you explore, you’ll stumble across beautiful rivers that flow to Fife and breathtaking views over Perth.
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Luxury Picnic
Taking a stroll along the estate and local Perthshire countryside, you’ll work up an appetite. We understand you want to spend hours exploring outdoors and not be stopped when the pangs of hunger start.


Escape the ordinary and leave behind the stress. It’s time for your retreat, an unparalleled experience where you can feel invigorated and energised.